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Our Core Values

1.   Act With Integrity

2.   Support Each Other

3.  Do What it Takes

4.  Respect For All, Always 

5.  Always be Learning

“At Ideal Products we believe that the strength of our business lies in the strength of our culture. Our culture is defined by the alignment of our people and our stakeholders to our core values. Our core values are not just words, they are very much alive, they guide us in every decision we make.”

- Rob Bertram, CEO

"Ideal Products is different from every other company I’ve worked for, because they have built their company on a foundation of core values. Learning is one of those core values. The company fosters and encourages an environment of learning, which has given me the opportunity to grow beyond what I had ever intended or imagined. I started working for Ideal Products in a general labor position, with no prior knowledge or experience in the industry. Over the past two years I have been given opportunities to learn and advance into a position of leadership within the company. Every day I am faced with new challenges and the freedom to learn from them, which I am extremely grateful for."

- Tiara Kingma, QA/QC

 “Not a lot of people can boast of having a work culture where people enjoy going to work. Here at Ideal, we’re a family who cares for each other and what we stand for. A family built on core values that we deeply believe in. When you have a group of people who enjoy working together and are aligned to the same values, it fuels courage, progress and innovation. Ideal Products is a family that is fun and exciting to be a part of!”

- Lea Cerin, Production Coordinator

"Do What It Takes. To me this is the ultimate company motto. It means we sacrifice for each other and our customers every step of the way, and we Do What It Takes to always follow our core values. We Do What It Takes to support each other at every opportunity, to always respect ourselves and our customers, to act with integrity in the face of every adversity, and to learn as much as we can each and every day."

- Joseph Hartman, EIT, Design Engineer

“I believe that the Core Values are what sets Ideal Products apart from the rest of the pack. In having a code such as the core values, it ensures that we operate with integrity at all times, whether this is internal or external interactions. Having these core values allows you to grant your employees with a certain level of autonomy that you wouldn’t normally find. This is at all levels, whether you are in production, sales, engineering, or accounting, as long as you adhere to the core values, you basically cannot make an incorrect decision. It is the basis in which we operate and as I believe it really allows us to turn leading edge innovation into the norm. It promotes positivity at all levels of the company and our culture is world class because of this. The core values are an invaluable tool in my opinion!”

- Ted Walsh, Territory Manager